We arrived in Bali on the 26th of September and from there we went directly to Sanur and checked into the Sekuta Condominium; there we will be for the whole week. Later that afternoon we made arrangements to begin touring of the island with Star Paradise Tours. Our driver would be Madi Sentana. The next day at 9:00 am we were picked up and we Started from the hotel around 08.30 am to Kesiman Village watching one of the most famous Balinese Dance “BARONG”, visiting the center of Balinese Batik Handycraft in Batubulan Village and visiting the most. . . . famous. Wood Carving Village “MAS”.


Our next stop was the Tegenungan is one of the most spectacular waterfall on the island. The fresh clear mountain water volumes remains big flowing along the rainforest river side. The big water falls unbroken from 45 meter high rocky cliff. The 500 meters path to this waterfall is absolutely nice walk with beautiful view of spices trees, coffee plantation, rice field and rain forest. People can swim down the natural pool under the fall.
Driving up to a nice and cool mountain side with its breath-taking view of 1717 meters volcano called “MOUNT BATUR” surrounded by lake and black lava remains from its twice main eruptions in 1917 and 1927. Great lunch is served in the best restaurant overlooking the beautiful view.

Next we head to Teman village is really the most beautiful country side with its breathtaking view of rice terraces with mountain background and palm trees as well as rivers. A scenic route driving a long the quiet country road passing small villages, coffee and spices plantation will make the eyes always open to enjoy and of course with many stops to take pictures.

GWK is a statue of Wisnu, the God of protector, on His mythical bird, the great Garuda. It will be the landmark of Bali as the center of Hinduism. The size of the GWK statue is 146 meter high and 283 meter above the sea level. The bird’s wings is 66 meter wide and the total weight is 4000 tons. The statue is made of mix copper and brass welding and several parts coat with mosaic of gold. The 146 meter high consists of two parts, the principal constituent of the statue and the pedestal functioning as the central of world cultural forum and other purposes. The statue will be the highest one in the world and the whole project is still in progress. At the meanwhile, people can see about 15% of the statue which is 22 meter high and the whole thing is planned to be completed in 2005..
After that, we visited the amazing Uluwatu temple that is built on the top of the cliff about a hundred meters high facing the Indian ocean, and caught a wonderful view as the sunset into the Indian Ocean. And then it was over to see the Monkey Dance, a very popular traditional Balinese Dance without any music instruments. This dance is performed by a big group of bear-chessted men wearing black and white cloth around the waist and sing a chorus of “Chak-Chak-Chak”. The story is derived from the Graet Ramayana Epic. Then continued by the trance dance, also called Fire Dance. This dance is definitely interesting because the trance dancer will step on the fire while dancing. A couple of little girls will end this show by performing an angel dance for purification.

After the dance, we went further south to a restaurant around Sanur Area for having dinner with entertainment. And then it was back to the hotel. For the next 5 days we did more touring on minor sites, like the Bali Safari & Marine Park, a cruise to Lembongan Island for lots of water activities, Tanah Lot Temple.

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November 7, 2009

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